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Avoid!!! I had damage to my home from Hurricane Sandy and I had Unified do my roof.

It took 6 months to install the roof. Luckily I held back on final payment to get them back to finish. They left debris in my yard over night during the tear off of old roof. The roof mechanics complained to me during the job that they were poorly paid.

They did not procure all shingles from the same distributor and the roof did not match. They had to do the roof over. On the second install they did not order new Weather lock ice barrier. If I didn't catch them they would have installed the new roof over the old perforated ice and water barrier.

I watched the installer open the ridge with the claw of a hammer. What he did amounted to vandalism. I held back final payment until they came back and reinstalled the ridge vent to the manufacturers specifications. They left flashing exposed and now I am experiencing a leaky roof.

I just had to pay these guys $80 to have them come back to caulk around the flashing on the dormers. Another roofer looked at the job and couldn't believe that they left with out caulking. The salesman will tell you that you will never have to pay another dime on your roof with their platinum warranty. Ask to see that warranty before you book with them and you will find nothing is covered if it is the result of a storm and that you must first put a claim in with your home owners insurance to collect anything.

If they have to come out to look at your roof after 1 year they require an $80 service fee. Recently I was cleaning my gutters and found about 10 pounds of roofing nails left behind by unified. There are rusty nails in an area where I have a flat roof, they did not use galvanized nails as required on the trim. Also I noticed that some of the trim that I paid them to cap in aluminum was never capped.

When I showed the mechanic who was sent back the other day to address the leak he said that he would cap that trim. I came out to check after he left and low and behold the trim was not capped. Save yourself a lot of headaches and go with a reputable company.

Unified is unable /unwilling to do quality work. Avoid!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Hempstead, New York

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I had them do work on my home in Franklin square. The siding was installed poorly and the windows leaked.

When i called for help they were very rude. We will not use them again.

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